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Client Love


Taryn O.


I just got a haircut from Diana for the second time. I feel like I honestly don't even need to say much because her work SO CLEARLY speaks for itself, but I'll tell you the extras that are so good about her. I will never let anyone else touch my hair for as long as Diana will cut it. She is excellent at a dry curly cut and truly understand how curly hair behaves. And I don't mean only white curly hair, her cuts on people of color are beautiful. She is so sweet, very personable, and will make every person feel comfortable. I actually leave her chair with sore cheeks from laughing so much. She uses the BEST products, her space is adorable, and SOMEHOW she remembers a lot about me even though I only get a haircut once a year. I wish I could leave ten stars, I have referred her to quite a few friends with curly hair, and I am confident that if you go see Diana, you will leave feeling beautiful. I will post my photos, and I want to mention that I asked to keep my length, which she DID, but my hair is so healthy and styled so well that it looks short, and it looks EXCELLENT. She will take as much time as she needs to give you a perfect shape. GO HERE. You absolutely won't be disappointed.


Love love LOVE. Diana has been cutting my curly mop for 3 years now. I'll say, her hair cuts grow out so well I only need to go once or twice a year, which saves me time (and money). Diana has always made me feel comfortable and has respected my "hairxiety" (anxiety related to people in the past not knowing what to do with my coarse, sometimes wavy/sometimes curly, often frizzy hair). On my recent visit, Diana confidently executed the style I wanted, hardly took any length off, and made me at least LOOK like I'm cool (I'm not). I am super happy with my cut, as evidenced by the fact that a scrunchy hasn't touched my hair since I left the salon 4 days ago. Go see Diana, you and your hair won't regret it!


Danielle T.

Nicole C

Absolutely amazing service and such an amazing person! Highly recommend seeing her and buying the products she uses. She takes the time to walk you through everything and tell you what each product does. She's a great person and really loves her job. If you have curly hair... you NEED to see her! So happy with the results and service.

Nicole C.

Jamie P.

For 32 years I've put up with my curly hair but never embraced it. After my first visit with Diana, my hair is revitalized and I'm excited to embrace my curl to it's fullest potential!! Her curly hair knowledge is incredible and the products she works with make you feel like a rockstar! Overall, I highly recommend Diana and her curly hair services!

Jamie P.

Sheila C.

Diana is a curl magician! I have NEVER had the curls she was able to create.  this was my second cut with Diana and as impressed as I was the first time, my second cut was even better. Thank you Diana!

Sheila C.

I did a ton of research for stylists in the Denver area that practiced the Curly Girl Method and I can say with confidence that Diana is the best one. She truly understands curly hair and the care that it requires. The consultation that you receive along with your service is worth the price of the service alone. She is thoughtful, caring and treats your hair like gold. She uses the BEST products on the market, Innersense, as well. The results that you will receive from booking a service with her are astonishing. I have seen her twice now and both times I have never been more in love with my hair. She has truly provided me with the BEST curly hair cut, or just haircut, that I have ever received in my life. Every time that I went in for a haircut previously with other stylists, the stylist never understood my hair and seemed almost annoyed by my texture and the knots that it tends to have. This was NEVER the vibe with Diana and she was instead in love with my hair as much as I am. I am looking forward to booking her next time for pintura highlights. She definitely has me locked in as a client for life. Her little studio that she put together is very COVID friendly, clean and beautiful, too. I could not recommend her more. Stop looking and book her! Thank you again, Diana, for your amazing services. :)


Ann R.


No words! Diana works miracles with her hands! She knows exactly What your curls need! Always sweet, always helpful, makes my hair outstanding! Thank you Diana!

Justin M.

Diana is a MAGICIAN! I started embracing my curls 2+ years ago, but have never seen them do what she was able to coax out of them. I am so happy with the final product and her service. She is not only great at what she does, but lovely to chat with as well.


Darian L.


Absolutely the best stylist I have ever been to! I've searched my entire adult life for a stylist who understands the struggles of having curly hair and wanting to embrace their beauty to the fullest. My hair has never looked better!

Katherine B.

Curly girls look to further. I have searched far and wide for someone who can understand my hair and how much I've been through with it. Curly hair is so difficult sometimes and it's even harder to find someone to trust in the hair industry. Enter Diana. I found her by searching for curly specialists in the Denver area and her work blew my mind. If you don't follow her on Instagram, I highly suggest you look her up immediately. You won't be sorry. Thank you, Diana, for listening to my curly hair story and taking my hair as serious as I do. The products you use are fantastic, and you touch my curls with love and it shows every time I leave your chair. When I leave CO I will be flying back to visit you at your salon!


Mandi S.


Incredible!! I found Diana on IG and was immediately hooked by what I saw. The appointment I had was for a cut, but she also educated me on the products I use and how to use them with my hair. I feel like a million bucks and I'm so in love with my curls!!

Kayla P.

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