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Discover Curls  

This service is for new guests. During this session we’ll have an in-depth consultation where we analyze your hair integrity, facial features, and life style, address your hair concerns, set long term goals, and develop a success plan for your healthy and stylish hair journey. Once we’ve discussed the most flattering shape for you, we’ll proceed with a dry haircut. The actual “discovery” of your texture is going to happen in the shampoo bowl. We’ll take care of your scalp and hair and expose your true canvas, and most importantly, you’ll know the “why?” behind each step. I’ll share helpful tips on how to take care of your unique texture at home, including a thorough customization of products. Once I style your curls, I’ll do some detailing at the end to perfect the shape.

Price: starts at $300
up to 2h 

Extra time $15 per 15 min 

Business Consultation

Curl Consults - In Person

Hey there, curly beauty! Are you ready to dive into a personalized journey that's all about YOUR lovely locks? Introducing our 30-minute one-on-one Personalized Curl Consultation – because your curls are absolutely unique, and deserve a spotlight of their own! Who's It For: Curly folks craving that "aha!" moment for their curls Anyone drowning in a sea of products that just don't get the job done Beautiful souls who want a detailed lowdown on their hair's unique vibes People dreaming of a simpler, sweeter connection with their crown Kids who have amazing parents trying to help them loving their curls What's the Deets: Time Well Spent: 30 minutes of curl love Cost: Just $49.99 Heads Up: No wash and style this time. How to Prep for the Curl Party: Be creative! Show up with one half of your hair styled as usual ( wash the same day, use styling products, do whatever you do to achieve the best hair day), and the other half just freshly washed, and conditioned. Think of it as a hair rendezvous – we can't wait to get to know your curls better! Ready to make your curls the star of the show? Secure your spot for the Personalized Curl Consultation and let the curl love affair begin! 🎉🌈 Your curls are counting on you, and so are we! 💖✨

Price: $49.99
30 min

Extra time $15 per 15 min 

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