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Create Beauty.

Without Waste.

The beauty industry creates 877 pounds of landfill waste every single minute. You can change that!

When you join us as a customer at TameItCurlHaus, you join a a community and a movement to make Colorado Greener!

TameItCurlHaus, currently, partners up with Green Circle Sallons to tackle this big issue in our local community.

Beach Cleanup Volunteers
Holding Hands Up High

Join Green Curl Foundation

Together, We Can Drive Change

TameItCurlHaus is giving the option to join community effort in helping to create a more sustainable future of beauty in Colorado. Contributions to our Green Curl Foundation will be used to invest into projects that improve recycling rates of waste generated by the Colorado's beauty salons, provide sustainability education, and organize impactful events for all sustainability minded community members.

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