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Returning Guest

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Curly Haircut


Express Dry Haircut 


Face Framing


Scalp Exfoliation

For returning clients whose last service was no more than six months ago. Otherwise, please book “New Guest Experience.” Includes a consultation, haircut, and curly styling. How to arrive: please have your hair detoxed, detangled, washed (the day of or the day before), styled naturally curly as usual, down, and fully dry.

For returning clients who nailed their curl sets, and just need a shape refresh. Discussed on a case-by-case basis. If you are looking for a change of shape (bangs, more than two inches off the length, etc.) please book the full “Curly Haircut” service.  Includes a dry haircut based on previously established shape.   How to arrive: please have your styled naturally curly, using products and styling techniques for the most successful set, ideally the same day. Have your hair fully dry, detangled, and down.

Description pending

Pre-cleanse exfoliating treatment made of Hawaiian pink salt that is enriched with volcanic red clay for a natural exfoliation. Gently removes impurities, dead skin cells, and buildup from the scalp. Peppermint and celery seed invigorate the skin and stimulate the lymphatic flow. As an anti-bacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial agent, tea tree restores a healthy microflora while soothing the scalp. Apple maintains the moisture level of the scalp. Only a healthy scalp can produce healthy follicles!

Price: starts at $130
up to1,5h

Extra time $15 per 15 min 

Price: starts at $100
up to 30 min

Extra time $15 per 15 min 

Price: starts at $45
up to 15min

Extra time $15 per 15 min 

Price: $35
up to 15 min 

Extra time $15 per 15 min 


Hair Detox

Pre-cleanse clarifying treatment for hair. Charcoal and kaolin clay gently lift the cuticle of the hair and remove what doesn’t belong while preserving natural oils. Shea butter restores moisture and certified white vinegar brings the hair shaft to its natural pH level, increasing shine and reducing frizz. Let’s expose your true canvas!

Price: $40
up to 15 min

Extra time $15 per 15 min 


Deep Conditioning

Shea butter, tamanu and coconut oils, flax seed, and quinoa provide restorative hydration. A hot towel is applied for the most soothing experience.  

Price: $30
up to 15 min 

Extra time $15 per 15 min 


Root Retouch

A color service that covers your roots up to 1 inch. For more than 1 inch, please book the All Over Color Service.

Price: $120
up to 1h 15 min

Extra time $15 per 15 min 


All Over Color Service

A color service that provides a single process application from roots to ends (solid colors only).

Price: starts at $140
up to 1.5h

Extra time $15 per 15 min 


Curly Highlights

A free-hand painting of your curls to add dimension, depth, and emphasize your curl pattern. Can only be scheduled after an in-person consultation.

Price: starts at $265
up to 2h 30min 

Extra time $15 per 15 min 

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Gloss Add-On

This service can be added to a haircut or curly styling. It will add shine, neutralize unwanted warmth, and help maintain your highlights. Quick application in the shampoo bowl with a 15-minute processing time.

Price: $60
up to 20 min 

Extra time $15 per 15 min 

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